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Poland and life

I am really quite frustrated and stressed! There is that thick line between stressed and depressed and I haven't crossed over yet, but I hear that the longer you stay in the stressed -region, the higher likelihood there is of you moving over to the whole "to be or not to be" -area. So I just want to leave this world of menial little woes behind me and have fun, sex, chocolate, insightful conversations with my intellectual equals and find new music that makes my heart pump faster.

Poland is cold and gloomy, there are too many clouds and a little bit too much light pollution around here. I have seen pretty things, though. The other night I was making my way back from this exciting little pub that we call Swingers, but that is, in fact called Singers. The snow was falling down hard and soft and I had had too much to drink; it made me confident and I tried finding my way in a deserted part of town that looked like a film studio. An hour later I found the sausage men and ordered a sausage with a bun and some mustard (I am a vegetarian, but 6 zl is not a price at all for a sausage that good).

Those times I don't feel too sad, but when I am sitting in bed for the 20th hour, still wearing my soft pyjamas and feeling cold in the feet with down-tempo music playing, I regret things and start to feel queezy about being here. I am a very missful person, i can't help it and I ignore it and eventually I will be a total unemotional lump.

But there is much that I should be grateful about.
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