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Friends only;

love me, and I'll love you back.

--> just see who you are; xox
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what language do you speak? i was looking at one of your friends' journals and the comments were completely unreadable by my uneducated self.
it's finnish. Lovely FINNISH. :)

Mä oon Suomesta; Mä oon upee!
*i have added you.
xx ox xx
I added you too. :)
i added both of you recently. must say, its different having more friends. before, ii onyl had two so it was easy to keep track.
by the way, how did you find my journal in the first place? i noticed that we had one mutual listed friend, but i dont think she had me listed as one..

Hm...well, althought I am totally aware of the fact that you do not know me at all,I added you to my friends list regardless because I think you are uber cool.
I added you
this is sony
hei mäkin oon upee = oon suomesta. :) joou.
i added you. hope you'll add me back?
olen muutes pomppinu sun nettisivuilla useastikin. olen (toivottavasti:)) lissun kamunen. että sitä kautta olen sut löytäny. hihi.
Hi, it's Katariina here. I got Livejournal-code from Lissu. =)
I added you. Just for your information.
i added y-y-y-you.
hyvää syntymäpäivää !! !
hihi. :)
( näinpäs lissun journalista )


xxo xox x xx x
voi kulta! Kiitos, tajusin vast vähä aika sitten lisätä sut! :)
found you through nana's journal,
is it ok if i add you?
hope you'll add me back,
on aina yhtä hienoa löytää suomalaisia täältä. :)
of course, my dear.

tottakai lisään. :)
hmm, i added you. hope you don't mind, i just had to,
raparperi on niin hieno. upea.
I don't mind!

Hellohello, I added you, hope you´ll add me back. Oon sivujasi katsellut, ja ne on oikein upeat ja hienot, ja olisi hienoa päästä livejournaliasi lueskelemaan. xooox