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I should be sleeping, I woke up at 5:30 this morning with this unbearable feeling of fullness and a cheerful spirit. I ran errands on the computer and then proceeded to the shower.

Max was in a delightful mood as well despite waking up early. Made my day.

Now for some exciting pictures so that I won't forget anything.

My first night in Poland (well, on the polish railway-network, at least) - I'm allowed to be selfish (+ I had the whole cabin to myself, the old Brazilian ladies gave in to the temptations of 1st class)

Matt came to visit and Sebastian's girl friend was here and there was talk and tinkering with sensitive issues and jokes that should not have been said - we were in a retro bar. They're very IN right now, I hear. I'm on my way to being cool.

Oh, look at 'em boys, like best buddies, holding their sausage packs (there are these amazing sausage people near our house - they sell sausage with a bun and the creamiest mustard you've ever had - it's a must, it's in the guidebook)

I should probably go back to that point in the 90's when blurred photos were cool
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I also realise Kate must be very модная персонаж right now, she's all over the place. Not that her perfume or her face is anything special, really.

serious discussions

In the spirit of "pretty, useless" I took a picture of a woman in the staircase. Rather more alluring than the ordinary charm of a concrete wall with obscure, religious graffiti spat on it.
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'nuff said, I'm bedding myself now. I miss Helsinki and Birmingham very much -
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