china kool (russianeyes) wrote,
china kool


 Today has been an effort worthy of Waterloo. 
Waking up at 6:34 am in Dave's bed was a singularly solitary experience, seeing as there was no chance of conveying my exam-anxiety to him without thoroughly annoying and exhausting him and I thus sat in bed for another 40 minutes until the painful alarm sounded (and pretended to have been asleep).
I had a coy little interchange with Dave's housemate, everything was kind-hearted until 10 am when the exam took place. All this is not very important to me.


Went to a gig with Patrick, saw Chris and Abid. Chris is doing community service, good on him. I felt thoroughly out of place, again.


Nothing in my life is in place right now. I'm not sure I love I'm not sure I love I'm not sure what I should do


Apart from that flat I gave in the deposit for I don't know what is going to happen and everything seems a big mess.

I think Belle de Jour must have done some serious advertising, or else her writing was spectacular (which it wasn't).

I need a job for the Summer.
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